One day, when we were in LA, I was so bored when we stayed at home most of the day. So my sister kindly took me out of the house and we explored West Hollywood together. She also asked me if I wanted to accompany her do her brows, and of course I said yes. I'd rather sit down and see her brows getting threaded than stay at home, staring at my guinea pigs running around the cage! After that, we headed out to Alfred Coffee, probably one of the most visited café's in LA, because celebrities go there and it's dang cute!

Ed Sheeran lookalike! 

  Told ya it was cute! As usual, I loved the decor. I loved the rustic feel of the café, making it feel quite homey. And the mustache drink wrapper! I think there was a vampire drink wrapper that I took from the stand (very cool). I actually forgot what I ordered, but I'm pretty sure it was organic. The teas there are also organic, and although I rarely drink organic teas, I tried my sister's and didn't hate it. It wasn't the best, but it got down my throat, and I didn't spit it out, so it was okay. 
  Many people were on their laptops, but most of them sat outside while they chatted with a friend or two. Sadly, we didn't get to sit at a normal table because it was full, so we sit by the bar instead. And since I'm vertically challenged, and the seat so dang high (I'm exaggerating), it was quite embarrassing when I climbed (again, exaggerating) the chair to be able to sit down properly. Phewh. Thank God, no one was staring! 

[Credits to my sister]

  After a much needed drink in Alfred, we headed out to the famous Pink Wall! I thought a lot of people were gonna be there, because literally everyone goes to the Pink Wall when they visit LA, but there was only one girl around, getting her picture taken by this professional photographer. [FYI, I can't pose for shiz, so forgive me for looking so dang awkward!]

  Whenever I get my picture taken with a stranger in close proximity, I freeze up. I get awkward, I mumble a lot and I usually embarrass myself at least once. This time, with the sun blazing through my eyes, I managed to embarrass myself by leaning against the wall and my sister managed to take a picture of me with a painful expression on my face (not gonna post that, because it's embarrassing!).
  Anyways, isn't the wall just beautiful? Many people in their cars were staring at us who were getting our picture taken by the wall! Not my most favorite moment, but the pictures turned out good, so I was happy. We stayed there for quite a while because my sister snapped a lot of photos, you know, just to make sure that some of the pictures were decent enough to be posted on Instagram :P

  After that, we headed down to The Grove. But we only went to Topshop because it was getting late and we were both famished by the time we walked across the street to Tart. If you read my post about my experience at Mojo, you probably read about the better alternative of Chicken & Waffle that I mentioned I ate in LA. Well it was this restaurant! The chicken is smaller than the one in Mojo, but the taste was just... orgasmic! My sister also got a side of macaroni & cheese just because. 
  The place was absolutely cute! The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seats, but we opted for the outdoor one instead because the decor was much more cuter outside. The servers were all so nice and friendly! And I remember that the one serving us had the same name as me. Ha! Needless to say, my tummy was very satisfied after eating at Tart. Another fun fact about Tart: it's placed right next to a small hotel that I forgot the name of, but it was just, adorable! 
  Probably one of my favorite days I had in LA. Definitely gonna do this soon when I come back there next year!

Much love, Ashley xxx


  1. Omg Alfred Coffee looks so cute, would love to visit a little coffee shop like that. I love the pink wall as well, definitely going to have to check that out if ever come to LA (hopefully)!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Hahaha! LA does great café's. You should definitely go to LA soon! :)

  2. This is so nice. I love cafes. <3

    Spices & Everything Nice

  3. Tart looks amazing!! And that wall is so perfect for photos! Sounds like an amazing time x


    1. Tart IS amazing! Slightly drooling as I write this because I'm craving their chicken & waffle.

  4. sounds like such a lovely day in la. alfred seems to be an amazing place. need to go back to la asap.



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