Glenn and Chelsea's Holy Matrimony

  A week ago, Glenn and Chelsea, both famous Indonesian actors finally tied the knot after eight years of dating. For all you Indonesians, you surely will know who they are and how they started dating when they starred in a TV series called 'Buku Harian Nayla'. To see them tie the knot after EIGHT YEARS of dating is amazing. Because these days, not a lot of relationships last that long. So, kudos to them both! :D

Jakarta Cathedral 

  The Matrimony started at 11 AM and since my house is quite far from the Cathedral, and fear of the morning rush in Jakarta, I headed out of my house at 8 AM and arrived way too early (ha ha ha). No one else has arrived, so my mom and I sat down at row four, so we were quite close to the front of the Cathedral. Not gonna lie, while waiting for the Matrimony to start, I was quite sleepy. With the orchestra practicing such slow songs and the birds chirping, I was minutes away from snoozing off. Thankfully, when I was super sleepy and was about to crash, the MC announced that the show was about to begin. And all the sleepiness evaporated out of me right away when Glenn stepped in the church and stood at the altar.
  Sadly, the pictures that I took of Glenn and Chelsea entering the church didn't have great quality because I was so hyped up and shaking from the adrenaline rush, I just couldn't stand still to take a proper picture.

   Just. Look. At. Them. Relationship goals, seriously! The vows that they made to each other was heartbreakingly sweet, especially when Chelsea started crying when she said her vows. I just can't stop thinking, that after eight years, the way they look at each other is full of passion and love. From the decor, to what they were wearing and most of all, their marriage, it'd probably be the best wedding that everyone has been looking forward to. Cause, how can you not ship them?!

  All in all, waking up early and waiting for two hours for the matrimony to start was worth it. To see their relationship that started out when they were both teenagers grow into something that ends in marriage truly touches my heart. I wish them all the best in life, and may they love each other even more, despite the ups and downs in life. Be sure to see both their instagrams to see the process of their wedding unravel

(ALL photos are taken by me.) 

Love, Ashley xxx


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