The Reception

  Two days after the Matrimony, the wedding reception was held at Hotel Mulia. I opted to come half an hour early so I could see the decor (it did not disappoint) and of the bride and groom entering the ballroom. Everyone was literally excited for them to come into the ballroom and so was I. Just like the MC said (VJ Daniel), both Glenn and Chelsea's fairytale story came true that night. The ballroom was decorated so beautifully, with a gazebo right at the center of the ballroom. The ceiling of the gazebo had tons of white flowers that made the whole place light up, and with a few chandeliers dangling off the ceiling and some butterflies roaming around. I did not want to leave the reception because of how beautiful the whole reception was, but sadly I left before the couple cut the cake and had their first dance :(! Without further ado, let's get on with the pictures!

Natasha and I

  When I gave the ticket to the guy and saw the entrance, I was enthralled. With lots of whites and pinks all over the entrance, the theme was one that I would remember for the rest of my life. So impressed with the people who organized the wedding! Kudos to them. 

Natasha's mom, me, my mom and Natasha

  How pretty is this setup? From the flowers to the unicorn, everything looks magnificent. I can't stop staring at it as I type this! <3<3

Their logo though

  Chelsea wore a different dress than the one she wore at the Matrimony. And let me just tell you, it was so beautiful! It sparkled whenever she moved, gah! Not to mention the crown! Holy smokes.

  I was so happy that I finally wore this jumpsuit from Love Bonito that I got a month ago! I was quite scared when I ordered it online, because I didn't know what the playsuit was made of since I didn't read the description of the playsuit when I ordered it. Thankfully the fabric was made out of polyester, so it was impossible to flash anyone with my undies (Thank God!).

The cake

Credits to Nat

  Despite my foot aching from the heels I wore, I was hesitant to leave, and boy do I regret leaving earlier! Because when I left the hotel, all the famous actors came (asdfghjkl).

The souvenir

  I was so happy to know that the souvenir was a mug, because I LOVE MUGS! And this mug was a great addition to my collection <3 
  Before I leave, make sure to follow my friend, Natasha! She's gorgeous and one of the nicest people around. 

Much love, Ashley xxx 


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