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  When it comes to cute cafés, I'm all in! While scrolling through Zomato, Kanawa drew me in. Didn't hurt that the rating was good too. So after my friends and I ate in Mojo, we decided to chill at Kanawa since it was in the same neighborhood. Days before I went here, I checked out their page in Zomato and was so intrigued by the decor! Didn't hurt that the drinks tasted good too. Before talking about the drinks and food my friends and I ordered, let's talk about how cute the decor is!

 Mr. Bean's car!

  The name sounded Japanese, so I thought the café was Japan-themed or kawaii as some of you call it. But it wasn't! It was minimalistic, yet rustic at the same time. One of the biggest mistake I did during my visit there was wearing a sweater! There was AC inside, but it was just so hot! Not gonna complain though, because the drinks made up for it :) 
  Great paintings/art in cafés makes me happy. Kanawa did a great job with that one! And with the Mini Cooper and Vespa in display, I can't help but gasp in awe as I entered Kanawa. And that bookcase? Although it looks simple, it makes the café more special. It's the little things that matter, really. (The bookcase somehow reminds me of Claire from Hey Claire!

Matcha Cake (35k) 

  I was tempted to eat crêpes, but in the end I only ordered their latte because I was so full! So the only one who ordered food was my friend, Alicia. She ordered Kanawa's Matcha cake which looked absolutely delicious. I especially loved the wooden board/plate that came with the cake. 

Taro Latte (37k)

That's a cat, btw!

  How cute is that latte?! I wasn't expecting latte art, so when it arrived at my table, I was so happy! (Latte art makes me happy, okay...). Not everyone likes taro, but do not fear! They have other flavors as well. The taste of it is so rich and not nauseating at all. When it comes to lattes, I find that I have to eat a mint afterwards, but this time I didn't have to. And the fact that they didn't put too much milk in it was great, because I'm not a big fan of milk. Again, the presentation is the cutest thing ever! 

Red Velvet Latte (37k)

Affogato (45k)
  Another friend of mine ordered their Red Velvet latte. I tried hers and although in my opinion the taste was okay, my friend wasn't really a big fan of it. Instead of red velvet it tasted more hazelnut-y. And then my other friend ordered Affogato which I didn't try because by the time her order came, I was so full already.  
  Needless to say, I will be coming back to Kanawa soon! Breakfast sounds great there because the place is so silent and cozy. 

Address: Jl. Suryo, Senopati, Jakarta

Much love, Ashley xx


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