Exploring London

 While I consider Paris as the most beautiful city in the world, I would consider London as one of my favorite cities in the world. The vibe of the city, the people, and of course, the architecture are all so lovely. Not to mention the fact that the city has my favorite shops in it! And come on, let's not lie to each other okay? The accent is also one of the reasons why I love the city. ;)

 I highly suggest going to Carnaby Street. The street is also a part of Soho, and is located right behind Regent Street. Shops such as Monki, Office, Lazy Oaf are available in Carnaby Street, also many restaurants/pubs that known British bloggers often frequent.

Tower Bridge

 The Tower Bridge, often mistaken as the London Bridge, was built over two centuries ago. I had the privilege to enter the Bridge, and yes it was worth the visit (and the amount of staircases we had to go through when we went down), but I must say that the view of London would look a whole lot better from The Shard. A skyscraper that sadly, I didn't get to visit. Inside the bridge, you'll be walking around and be informed about the history of the bridge near the windows.

 I've been excited about visiting The Tower of London, earlier this year when my family and I planned our trip to Europe. The Tower is filled with so much history, starting out from the year 1078. Before Britain was ruled by the Tudors, the tower was a residence for the royal family. When Henry VIII ruled Britain, the tower was also a place where many important figures fell into disgrace.

The White Tower

 The picture above is the place where Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII was beheaded. Many figures other than Anne's life was also taken right there. Beheaded because Anne was charged for adultery, incest and treason, I have a deep sympathy for her, because what she went through when she was married to Henry was horrifying and saddening at the same time. 

 After a couple of hours roaming around Tower of London, we stepped right outside and had a great view of the Tower Bridge. So we took advantage of that and sat down for a while since we were exhausted after going down many staircases at the White Tower. I was so thankful that the day wasn't gloomy, albeit still quite chilly because the next day, it was very gloomy and dreary. 

 Our next and last stop was Buckingham Palace. My family and I didn't stay at the palace for so long because it was getting colder and colder by the minute, so we headed out to the Queen's shop instead. Filled with high quality souvenirs that looks quite expensive, but still has a decent price on it made the shop worth the visit. 

 That's it for now, guys! I hope you like what I've been posting so far. Yes, there are many errors in my previous posts and maybe this one too, but I'm not perfect :P before I leave, be sure to follow me on my blog! That'll make me super duper happy. 

Much love, Ashley xxx


  1. i'm visiting london later this month and i'm so excited! love the photos :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. you'll love it there! :) how long are you staying? thank you so much! i love your blog!


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