Café Maji

    One day when I was in LA, I was craving to see and taste a drink with cute art on it. Last year, I tried a small café near San Gabriel late at night, and while the art was super duper cute, the taste of the drink wasn't as tasty as the one in Café Maji. Although the location of the café was quite weird, the vibe and taste of the drink made up for it. I loved everything about it and the service was quite good too. There wasn't much space in the café, but with a cute Korean/Japanese decor thrown into it, you're going to fall in love with it right away.

  I loved the vibe of the place and when I saw what the menu looked like and saw the mug that came with my order, I was awestrucked. Everything looked so cute, I couldn't help but squeal of happiness! While my sister ordered iced peach tea, I ordered a Taro Latte instead. And I had to ask the server if there was gonna be a drawing on top of it, and I was happy when she said yes. If the latte art is cute as hell, and the drink taste good then that's a bonus! 

  How cute is that bear?! Seriously, as I'm typing this, I wish I was in LA so I could another one of this! I love the fact that they give us a small snack to nibble on during or after we drink. My sister also ordered this gigantic cotton candy. I've seen it before here in Jakarta in a restaurant called Shirokuma. But I didn't try it because I don't really like food that are too sweet. Be sure to check out this place, because believe me, it's worth it! And if there are any cute latte/coffee art café's where you live in, be sure to comment down below so I could check it out and put it on my places to go list :) 

Much love, Ashley xxx

Address: 56 E Duarte Rd, Fl 2nd, Arcadia


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