Sunny day in Paris

  The day started out with my sister and I heading out to a small café near our hotel and devouring our Nutella crêpes and hot teas. The day was going to be a busy one since it was technically our last day exploring Paris, because the next day we planned to go to Versailles and the next day we were headed off to Amsterdam. Suffice to say, the day was probably one of my favorites because I got to tick all the places that I wanted to visit in Paris.

First stop: The Louvre!

The Pyramid

Credits to my dad 

  I've been to the Louvre once, over three years ago, so we didn't go insde the museum. I wanted to, but the line was crazy! It's better to go the museum during wintertime, because there are less people. That way, you can roam around the museum without bumping into people every few seconds. When I went into the museum though, the Mona Lisa was overcrowded. Because I'm short, I can't really see the painting, so I had to wait for a few minutes for the crowd to disperse to see the painting clearly.
  A tip for you guys: the museum is closed on Tuesday. With the museum closed, it wouldn't be crowded, so it'd be a great chance to take pictures of the museum because there's not much people around.

Next stop: Place de la Concorde!

  Despite the blue skies and how sunny it was, the day was still cold because of the wind. But the sun and the wind is a great combination, because it isn't too hot or cold. I had no regrets wearing a dress and a light jacket!
  The reason why I wanted to visit Place de la Concorde so bad was because of Marie Antoinette. During the French Revolution the location was called Place de la Révolution. Other people who were executed right where the monument is located are; King Louis XVI (Marie's husband), Madame du Barry (Louis XV's mistress).
  Seeing the obelisk itself is saddening. I must admit that what the monarchs were doing during the 1700's was wrong. Abandoning the people of France and paying a lot of money for hedonistic stuff is unacceptable. But what can you do about it, right? This happened over three centuries ago. I would love to go back in time and see the Royal Family in person.. (wishful thinking, Ash!).

The Egyptian Obelisk

  Many people were taking pictures of the fountains surrounding the obelisk, so I did to! I'm in love with the details of the statues and the colors.
  The monument square is also the place where the US embassy and Hôtel de Crillon located. The hotel has been standing for over three centuries, during King Louis XV's ruling.

Our last stop: Pont des Arts!

The view of Institut de France

  The Pont des Arts is located between the Institut de France and Musée du Louvre. During the early 1800's, the bridge was made during Napoleon I's ruling, making the it the first metal bridge in Paris. Fast forward 150 years later, the Pont des Arts was listed as a national historical monument.
  The bridge is famous for its love locks. And that's exactly what my parents did when we were there. We bought a lock from a souvenir store beforehand and locked it to the bridge. Sadly a few days later, the locks were all taken down by the officials because they stated that the locks were getting heavier each day, and the bridge was in danger. This year alone, over a million locks has been latched, which weighs about 45 tons.
  Like I said, this was probably one of my favorite days in Paris! It was unplanned, I wasn't expecting to go to the Pont des Arts, and I was so happy that I did before all the locks were taken down! That's it for now guys. Tata for now!

Much love, Ashley xxx


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