Hôtel National des Invalides

  The only reason I visited Invalides was to see Napoleon Bonaparte's tomb. At first I thought it was free to enter the place where the tomb was located, but nope! Turns out you had to pay a few euros to be able to see Napoleon's remains inside the tomb. And from what my dad told me, I thought that the tomb would be open so we could see what was inside, and I was sorely disappointed that you could only see the tomb and nothing else. I mean, you can never know, maybe there's nothing inside the tomb. To pay a few euros just to see the tomb, and not his remains, is not really worth it. But don't worry! I did find something great about it. Parisian architecture is my favorite thing in the world, and the one inside Invalides is beautiful and what I would consider as my dream home.

Parisian streets <3

  The gate itself is pretty! There's just something about Parisian/European architecture that gets to me. These days, everything in the world is obviously getting even more modern each day. But there's just something about modern buildings that seems cold. So yeah, while I was in Paris, I took advantage of the old buildings around me and hopefully be back soon :)

  The day was quite windy and gloomy and I made the mistake of only wearing a dress and my coat that's not quite thick. It's okay though, since most of the day, I spent it inside instead of outside where the coldness would probably kill me.

Napoleon Bonaparte's statue 

  Now before getting on with Napoleon's tomb, this is what I meant when I said that the visit to Invalides was worth the visit. The cathedral! The beauty of it is just wow, amazing. Europe is famous for its churches and this one is probably one of my favorites aside from Notre Dame. I loved the fact that the instead of a brown-greyish color, it's creamy white instead. I've never seen a cathedral like this one before, so I sat there for a few minutes and reflect on life.

  The three pictures above are located right above Napoleon's. Seriously though, I can't stop staring at it! If only Jakarta had great architectures...  :(
Napoleon's Tomb

  The main reason why I posted this. As you can see, the tomb is humongous. And really, the only thing you can do is walk around the tomb and stare at it in different angles. Yes, the tomb is beautiful, but if you can't see what's inside it, we'll never really know if something's inside it right? What if there's nothing inside of it?

Gloomy Paris

  Overall, I would rate my experience at Invalides between 3-3.5 stars. Compared to the posts that I did of London and Paris (Day 1), visiting Invalides isn't as special as those two. Not planning to go back here in the future. That's it for now guys! See you soon

Much love, Ashley 


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