The name's Ashley. But you can call me Ash! I'm a tea lover photo enthusiast. Welcome to my blog! Started it because I love photography and writing, and what better way than putting both of my passion into a blog? ;)

I'm an 18 year-old gal (or woman...?) living passionately through lots of bloggers as they trot around the world. I myself love to travel and explore new cities, so yes, I would love to travel more parts of the world in the future. I have a lot of obsessions such as classical music, books, clothes (of course) and anything historic! I hope you enjoy your time stopping by my blog and stay for a little longer by following me on Bloglovin' to keep up to date with my posts. Would make the the happiest gal on Earth! Don't be afraid to contact me in any of my social medias or pop an email to me if that's what you prefer.

Have a lovely day wherever and whoever you are. ❥

Contact: ashleychristabelle@hotmail.com