Little Danish Town

  A week after our trip from Europe, my sister and I missed it so much that we decided to go on a roadtrip to Solvang. It took us around two and a half hours to go there from LA. The weird thing was when we were still around the LA county, the sky was super duper gloomy as you can see in the picture above. But the minute we step into the Santa Barbara county, it was scorching hot. I basically listened to music and looked out at the view the whole time we were inside the car. Sometimes, you just need to stop checking your phone and look around and appreciate nature. Look at the beauty all around you, no matter where you are, there's at least one thing that resembles beauty. 

Playsuit is from Miss Selfridge that I got last summer

  After our trip to Amsterdam (gonna do a blogpost about that soon!), I was so happy to see a windmill in sunny California. To be able to see parts of Europe in California is pretty awesome. Everything in this little town is quaint and just so Europe like <3 the town is so small that we literally roamed around it a couple of times in a matter of minutes. When we went there it was a weekday, so the town wasn't crowded. A few groups of people were milling around, but the shops and restaurants that we passed by was deserted. The locals said that Solvang is usually more packed on the weekends. 

Statue of Hans Christian Andersen at the park

I blinked. And my dad throwing a peace sign at ya! 

  When people come to Solvang, you often see them take a picture with the windmill in the background. Doesn't it look cute? Because I sure do love windmills. And small European houses. Basically, what I'm saying is that, I LOVE SOLVANG! Such a nice escape from the modern feel of LA. If you're somewhere from around California, be sure to visit Solvang at least once in your life. You'll love it, trust me. 

  After walking around for about an hour, we were all sweaty and thirsty. So we headed out to this small Danish café, and I tried a Danish pastry that tasted a lot like Palmier, so of course I loved it. Also, we all had some iced drinks because it was so hot outside! Trust me, the California sun is cruel and vicious.
  And since the café was right next to a souvenir shop, my mom headed out there. I followed her, but soon got bored, so I headed outside with my sister and checked out some places nearby the souvenir shop.

Reminds me of Romeo and Juliet!
  After two or three hours hanging out around Solvang, we grew tired (probably because of the heat) and headed home. But before heading out to the freeway, we stopped at a hill to see the view of the county, but we were sorely disappointed. Probably because the sun was hitting our way, so we were blinded by the sun, not being able to see anything down the hill. 

The highway

  If you love hiking, then you probably love doing stuff like this. I liked it, but since I was wearing sandals and not my trainers, it was quite uncomfortable going up and down the hill. The hike up was worth it though. I've never hiked in my whole entire life, but experiencing a small hike gave me a boost of enthusiasm if I plan on hiking in the future. 

  Then, we headed back to LA. It took us quite a while because of rush hour and as you can see, it was quite gloomy when he headed down South. I was so knackered from the trip that I dozed off a couple of times. Gloomy weather does that to you apparently. But yeah, that was my trip to Solvang! 

Much love, Ashley xxx


  1. I love your playsuit so much! Looks lovely there, sounds like you had a fab time!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I love it too! I love the color so much :) I did have a great time there hehe


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