By now, you guys probably know how fond I am of museums. It's a no brainer that I visited the Victoria & Albert Museum when I went to London. The exhibition part of the museum has a fee, but if you're planning to roam around the museum and not the exhibition, there's no fee. I went there on a Sunday, so the museum was quite packed. The museum is right next to the National History Museum and also quite close to Harrods. So, if you're ever planning on going to London, you can go to all three places in one day because they're quite close to each other.

   The logo of the museum is absolutely stunning! This time though, I didn't really focus on the artworks/historic art because we visited the museum with my sister's friend, Kimberly, who is also a close friend of my family that we haven't seen in a while.

11 M high brown glass chandelier by Dale Chihuly (2000)

  You have to visit this museum when you're in London! Not only can you find everything in this museum, but the architecture is amazing! I especially love the saying 'ALL OF THIS BELONGS TO YOU' when you enter the museum. And the chandelier! I've never seen anything like it. It looks a lot like an octopus, but it's glass! It looks nothing like glass.

  There are some of the art pieces that I loved in the museum! As usual, I only liked the European pieces. There was one section full of Asian art, but I think because I've seen it to often, I'm not as intrigued as I am with the European pieces. Nonetheless, I loved spending my Sunday afternoon in V&A! Would love to go back there again.

  Lastly, before we head out to see the Tower Bridge lift, we chilled at the V&A café and had tea and sandwich before heading outside. The café left me speechless! It looks like something out of the 18th or 17th century, and I loved it. I didn't want to leave! (Currently imagining myself sitting down there, drinking tea, all by myself!). Another great spot for tea time in London, that I will surely go back to when I'm in London!

Much love, Ashley xxx


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