Just last week, my friends and I headed out to Senopati and had lunch in Mojo. None of us have been there before, so we were pretty excited to try out something new. I checked out their page on Zomato the previous night and was happy that the rating was high and the price compared to the other restaurants around the neighborhood was much more cheaper. It's a Mexican restaurant thrown with a bit of Korean into it, so I know that the food would be amazing.
  I loved their wall! Such a cute one that reminded me of Pablo Picasso's 'Guernica' painting. We sat right against to the wall which made our experience there much more pleasant. We arrived there at around 1 PM, and the restaurant wasn't that crowded. But when we left, more people were present.
  Unfortunately, nothing Mexican/Korean food drew me in when I read the menu. I instead ordered the Chicken & Waffle! Been craving for one since I left LA.

  The minute I stepped into the restaurant, I knew I loved the place. The vibe was amazing, and although it took quite a while for the food to arrive, the people who worked there were nice and friendly. That's a plus for me! Trust me, going into a restaurant with rude waitresses dampens the whole mood of eating in that restaurant. And the decor! Even though the restaurant was quite small, they did a great job on decorating it. It made the whole restaurant look even more appealing. 

MOJO Original Korean Burrito Bowl (95k) 

Kimchee Spaghetti (79k) 

Chicken & Waffle (88k)

Loco Mojo Bowl (95k)
  The bowls were quite pricey in my opinion. But when you see what's inside the bowl, you realize why it's pricey. My friends were both happy with their bowls, and they had no complaints about it whatsoever, so if you're ever planning on going to Mojo, their bowl is always a great idea to feast on! 
  The Kimchee Spaghetti was the cheapest out of all the four orders we made, probably because the portion was quite small compared to the others and from what my friend said, it wasn't as spicy as she expected it to be. So probably go for the bowls when you go to Mojo! 
  My Chicken & Waffle on the other hand, was delicious! I loved everything about it. Although, I wished the waffles were a bit chunkier and less thin so it'd be easier to cut out. And the chicken was good, but because I ate Chicken & Waffle in LA that had the chicken sweetened without the maple syrup thrown on top of it, I hoped that the chicken would be less salty and more sweet instead. 
  It was overall a great experience, and I would come back to Mojo sometime in the future! Probably gonna invite my family to come along. :) 

Address: Jl. Senopati No. 70, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12110

Much love, Ashley xxx


  1. So good, great pics! :))


  2. Wow this food looks amazing! So jealous!


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