La Jolla

  Back in June, my cousins came to visit us in LA, so we decided to take them on a roadtrip to San Diego. Since the drive from LA to San Diego is quite short, we only stayed there for a day. Eversince I was a small girl, when we head out to San Diego, we usually stay in La Jolla instead of Central San Diego. So if you're ever if San Diego, be sure to head out to La Jolla. The beach there was amazing. And the little shops running alongside the hill looks a lot like Europe. The beach in La Jolla is spectacular. After a long day inside a theme park, we headed out to chill by the beach and watched the sunset. 

  How beautiful does that sunset look? You can't see it, but right by the water, there are a bunch of seal lions sleeping by the sand. In the afternoon you can see them roaming around by the ocean. There's just something about the saltiness in the air and the wind breezing through your hair that always manage to calm me down. What I cherished the most from it was the weather. LA is scorching hot, so to be able to escape the heat and stay somewhere for a day that's quite chilly was awesome.

  After checking out of our hotel the next day, we headed out to the beach again. It was much more crowded than the night before.
  How beautiful does it look? A good view is always on top of my list when I travel, and La Jolla won my heart with this one.

  Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay longer at the beach since we had to head back to LA. Not many people know about La Jolla, so this blogpost is mainly to inform you to visit La Jolla when you visit San Diego! The vibe there is so chilled and relaxing, and I wish I was back there right now!

Much love, Ashley xxx


  1. Ohhh this brings back so many memories! I lived near La Jolla for a little while when I was doing an abroad internship. The pictures are breathtaking! I loved that place!

    Love, Layla Rosita


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