Dinner at the 'Skye'

  If you live in Jakarta, then you've probably heard of this place before. Famous for its lounge and their restaurant, they're well known for the view of the city. Not gonna lie, riding up the lift to the 56th floor scared the crap out of me. I'm not claustrophobic, but the lift was slightly slow so that freaked me out.
  The restaurant was filled with couples, old and young. The dimmed lights fits well for a romantic date, but because of the techno music playing all around the restaurant, it also fits for a night out with your friends. I have no complaints about the music, because some of them are catchy as hell and they're what my sister listens to all the time, so I'm used to it.
  When I arrived there it was around 6:40 PM and the restaurant was already quite crowded. But when I left at around 9 PM, the restaurant got even more crowded. More people were arriving to go to the lounge too.

The menu

  If you read my previous blogpost about the Peacock Lounge, then you probably know how much I love tea. Of course I had to order tea! My cousins were making fun of me because they thought the combination of tea and what I ordered was weird... but I drink tea with everything! (Just last week, I ordered hot tea when I was about to eat ice cream :P). But later on when I finished my tea, we all ordered a huge bottle of Evian (that was WAY overpriced) and iced tea.

  While all my cousins ordered the Kamameshi Rice (210k), I opted for the Roast Chicken (135k) instead. Everything in the menu was overpriced in my opinion. The food wasn't great either. Compared to other restaurants that are owned by Ismaya, this is by far the worst. I wouldn't go back there again unless someone invited me to.
  The chicken I had was too salty, and the potato had a weird texture that didn't look appealing to me. Also, there's cheese inside the potato, which I hate. Mixing cheese in potatoes or other kinds of food is disgusting (for me). So yeah, people probably go here just for the view and so did I. Because the food is just, bleh!

  Now, onto the dessert! My cousins all shared a Nutella Chocolate Cake, and I ordered a scoop of Bailey's ice cream. When the server warned me that there was alcohol in it, I was slightly worried that I might get a bit buzzed. But don't worry, when I ate it, I didn't taste alcohol inside the ice cream.
  The mango sorbet on the other hand was what my mom and her sisters ordered, and I didn't get a taste of it. But it looked pretty, so I had to take a picture of it.
  The thing I hated the most about my visit to the Skye, was how dark the whole restaurant was. I do know that most expensive restaurants have dimmed lights when dinner time is around, but it still annoyed me. So if I ever visit Skye in the future, I'd probably go when the sun is still shining.

Bunderan HI

  Albeit the fast service at the restaurant, I was once again disappointed by the taste of the food. Maybe for other people, they would love the food in Skye, but personally for me, I didn't feel any satisfaction when I ate there. Yes, I did love the view, but really, the food could've been better. I'm gonna stop ranting now! 
  Although my visit to Skye was disappointing, that's alright! Not everything in life is perfect. At least I got to try something new this month. I wouldn't recommend going to Skye if you're on a budget, because everything in the menu is just OVERPRICED. But if you do go and you like it, good for you! Everyone has different taste when it comes to food. :) 

Much love, Ashley xxx

Address: BCA Tower Lt. 56, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 


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