Escaping to North Pole

12:00 PM

Everyone in Jakarta's been to North Pole, but not me. So while I was around the neighborhood I thought to myself, "Why not give it a try?"
Now I understood why people were raving about it. Not only does the ice cream taste super duper good, but the selections of how you ate your ice cream is so unique! And the decor is the cutest! The mascot of the ice cream shop is Three Huskies, which I thought was so cute! Another great thing about this place is that you can bring your furry friends over if they're potty trained and are good with people. Sadly, Bella (my dog), isn't great with strangers. *sigh*
If you're there with a group of people then I suggest you order the Smoky Pan. There are two selections of pans; classic and bold. It's basically a pan filled with five scoops of ice cream and two sides of toppings. I wanted to order that when I was there, but because I was only there with my mom, we decided to order something that wouldn't make us too full because we just finished eating lunch minutes before visiting North Pole. If you're interested with the menu, check them out here.

Look at all those flavors! Particularly interested with the Bailey's, Thai Tea and Diablo Beer flavor...

They had a lot of flavors! So I will be back soon to try those out. The decor is uber cute right? With blue painting that screams North Pole and a cold as hell AC, it's as if you're really in North Pole! Not gonna lie, I friggin' loved it. As you can see, they went all out with the Halloween decorations. Cobwebs and spiders crawling all over the lamplights and a pumpkin hanging by the frame of pictures. I loved that. Not all restaurants/dessert places go all out with seasonal decorations, but they certainly did a great job on that one! :) 

Bubblegum x Fruit Loops Cone (40k)

Hula Chick (35k)

Hazelnut Latte (31k)
These are all the things that my mom and I ordered. Seriously though, how cute are they?! Great presentation and the taste of it was amazing. I chose bubblegum mainly because I loved the taste of it and I know that eating it won't make me feel nauseous when I finished it. The fruit loops added more sweetness into it and I must say, it was the best ice cream I've ever eaten! 
The Hula Chick that my mom ordered was great as well. Lychee Ice Cream! Never heard of that before. But since I loved Lychee Iced Tea, I knew that the taste of the ice cream would be great as well. Adding some fruit loops and chocolate chips into it to make it look like a chick was a creative thing to do! 

The Hazelnut latte on the other hand wasn't my favorite. Not only was it super duper bitter that I couldn't taste the hazelnut, but it also made me feel a bit bloated afterwards. I thought that they had Taro Latte on the menu, but sadly they didn't and I was so bummed out about that! Nevertheless, I don't regret ordering it because the latte art is so cute! 

How cute is that?! I fell in love with the place even more when I saw painting of the three huskies. Against the wall are all about their adventures to various different countries. 

All in all, my trip to North Pole was a satisfying one. The service was great and the ice creams tasted even better! Be sure to check out this uber cute dessert place when you're in Jakarta! x

Much love, Ashley xx

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  1. The ice cream looks so yummy♥♥

  2. how cute does that icecream look!?

    Frenchy xx

    1. I know right! It tasted good too, so that's a bonus! :P

  3. Hahaha at first, I thought you were talking about the literal North Pole! Those desserts are SO cute though - dying over that adorable ice cream snowman!

    becky ♡ star violet

    1. Hehehe :P I would love to go to North Pole, but I don't think I would survive the cold! I know, it tasted good too!

  4. Wow - the fruit loops cone looks delicious - I've never seen ice cream like that before but now I want to try it! Immediately!

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

    1. Me too! It's so different from any other ice creams!

  5. Oh no, now I am sad that we don't have something similar & so deliciously incredible here! ;)) Maybe it's for the best because I would be spending all my free times there ;D xx Maja

    1. Hahahaha! Yes, there are a lot of unique restaurants/dessert places here in Jakarta!