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UNION is probably one of the most visited restaurants here in Jakarta. And I understand why. Although I've been there multiple times ever since the restaurant opened a few years ago, I still am in awe of their decor whenever I walk in there.

There are three outlets here in Jakarta. The outlet I often visit is the one in Street Gallery because it's closest to me. But on this particular day, my friends and I went to the one in Plaza Senayan, which is the first ever outlet that opened. Not gonna lie, out of all the three outlets, I love the decor in Plaza Senayan the most. The French feel of the restaurant is real there!

Their food in my opinion is quite average on the taste scale, but the best thing about this restaurant is their pastry! All the pastries there looks mouthwatering. I've tried their pain au chocolate, croissant, donuts, and I loved it all!

I don't know about you, but when restaurants give out free bread, I get super duper happy. Not because it's free (lies), but because while skimming through the menu and wondering what I should order, I could keep my stomach happy and avoid the 'Hangry' syndrome :P

Potato Wedges (30k) 
Salmon Wonton Ravioli, Garlic, Tomato & Olive Confit (85k)

BBQ Glazed Grilled Chicken w/ Truffled Creamed Corn, Roast Vegetables & Coleslaw (95k)
Mouthwatering, ey? I had to order potato wedges, just because! It tasted oh sooo good! In the menu the potato wedges comes with Parmesan, but I specifically asked the waiter that I didn't want cheese on it, because potatoes and cheese in my world don't mix well. Can I have some of that potato wedges right now, please?!

This may sound drastic, but I've never eaten pasta in restaurants. I only eat them when they're homemade. So when I saw my friend, Alicia ordered pasta, I was cringing inside when I saw how much cheese was on top of it! She loved it though (hehe).

Let's talk about the chicken I devoured in a matter of minutes. Drool worthy, right? I especially loved that there's some corn on the edge of the plate. Made my stomach satisfied! The chicken is quite spicy, but I don't mind it. Because there's sweetness mixed into it, I don't mind the spiciness!


Escargot (95k)

Two of my best friends came later on, and this is what they ordered, I didn't ask them how it tasted because we were all so busy catching up with each other's lives. But they finished it all, so that's something!

Because I rarely see my best friends now, I think I cherish my time with them even more now. It personally hurts me sometimes, when they're so busy and I have no one to talk to. So I know, the time with them is what mattered the most.

Overall, my experience at Union was amazing! Because we stayed there for two hours, I was hungry again. So I bought their classic donut! Although the size was quite big, I finished it in a couple of minutes. If you're ever planning on buying their donut, be sure to buy it before noon, because otherwise it might be sold out. :)

Afterwards, my friends and I watched Bridge of Spies. It was an amazing movie that had the coolest special effects (probably because it was produced by Steven Spielberg!). Not gonna lie, the first part of the movie was boring as hell (my friends fell asleep), but once the movie was set in Europe, the plot got heightened and I got excited. If you're interested about the Cold War, give this is a go!

That's it for now, guys! Hope you all have a lovely Sunday. I hope you know that all the comments and views I've had is much appreciated. Whoever's reading this right now, thank you! It means a lot to me :)

Much love, Ashley xx

Address: Plaza Senayan, Lantai Ground, Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta 


  1. Nice pictures


  2. The food looks amazing! And beautiful pictures. :)



    1. They were! I devoured it the second my food came hehehe. Thank you so much x

  3. Great post! The food looks very delicious! :)
    Xo Leni

  4. Yummm, looks so delicious! xx, adaatude.com

    1. Hehehe, thanks! Wishing I was eating some of their potato wedges right now!


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