A Day at Universal Studios

  As I said in a previous blog post, my cousins came over to LA for the summer back in June. Instead of going out to Disneyland, I took them to Universal Studios instead. We went there on the day when the Fast and Furious ride opened. So there were a lot of people around!
  Although I've been there a couple of times already, going into theme parks never cease to amaze me! The heat was awful, but my cousins and I had fun and that's what mattered, really.


  One of the most looked forward to attraction in Universal is of course; the Studio Tour. AKA the lot of sets where famous movies/TV shows were shot at. My favorite from the lot is probably the set of Psycho and Back to the Future! 
  My cousins and I arrived pretty early, but because of the LA traffic we had to go through in DTLA, tons of people were already in Universal when we arrived. (We planned to arrive very early, but that plan crashed because of the traffic, sigh). But don't worry! We entered the theme park very quickly and lined up for the studio tour in a matter of minutes! Got derailed a couple of minutes because I asked my cousins to take pictures of me (hehe!). 

View of the San Fernando Valley

  As we made our way down the escalators, I thought to myself, "Hey there aren't many people around (yet). Maybe we're gonna stay in line for half an hour only?". I was wrong. So wrong! The line was so long that I almost cried. But then, something magical happened. This studio tour provides a separate tour for people who can't speak English (i.e, Chinese/Spanish), and this guy who worked there motioned for my cousins to enter the line for the Chinese speaking language. Which I thought was sort of racist. Just because we look Chinese doesn't mean we can't speak English! But that worked out well for us. Because instead of waiting for an hour or more under the blazing California sun, we only had to wait for half an hour, with fans all around us, keeping us cool. 
  I didn't understand a word of what the tour leader said, but it was fine! And although it was my cousin's first time at Universal, they understood Chinese a little bit and there was a TV screen explaining what movies was shot at the locations we passed through. It was funny experience, albeit a weird one. But that'll stay in my memory for a long time!

  It's amazing how different the movie sets look when you've already watched the movie. I think the most amazing thing about this Studio Tour, is how they explained the special effects in movies.
  The King Kong 4D ride is probably one of my favorites in the tour. Not only does it feel real, but the smell when you're inside, makes you feel like you're in a jungle. A thrilling ride that made me scream so loud (I was the only one screaming, that was embarrassing!).
  Because the Fast and Furious ride is new, we had to wait for a couple of minutes to enter the studio, because a lot of trams were lining up as well. The ride was not my favorite, I don't think it's something that you should look forward to when you go to Universal Studios. But if you're a big fan of the movie, then you'll probably love this ride. The characters of the movie were holograms, so that was quite cool to see.

  Afterwards, we were all so famished so we headed back up and ate at Krustyburger. Obviously, it's Simpsons themed and the restaurant is super duper cute! The food was fastfood (burgers, fries, hotdogs), and while the taste wasn't the best, it left my tummy full, so that's fine! I've never ate at the restaurants inside the theme park, so this was a great experience! There's also a bar called Moe's Tavern that looked straight out of the Simpsons!

  We then watched the Water World show. I've watched that a dozen times but the acting and special effects never cease to amaze me!
  After that we headed down to go to the Transformers Ride. The line didn't look so long, so we opted to go there before going to the Simpsons ride. Unfortunately, when we headed inside the ride, the line was super duper long. We thought it was a short line because the line is concealed by a gate. So we had to wait for 1:30 hours. I was so tired by then that I wasn't as exuberant when we finally made it to the front of the line.
  The Simpsons ride though, was super duper fun! The line wasn't long and when we made it inside, the room smelled like Taro which made me crave for a bubble tea right that instant.

  THIS. DONUT!!!! I saw someone's post on Instagram of these donuts and also a Buzzfeed post about it, so this donut was the biggest reason why I tagged along with my cousins to the theme park. It's GIGANTIC. Not exaggerating, seriously. In the picture it looks quite average, but oh my gosh, no! I couldn't finish the whole donut because obviously, the frosting is sweet, so eating the whole donut in one go would've made me puke. So I brought it home and made my sister try it!

  Our final stop was The Minion Ride! Again, the ride wasn't so exciting, but minions are so cute, so of course we had to go! Sadly, the minions weren't there for us to take a picture with since it was getting late. After that my cousin and I rode this childish ride that was actually fun. Everyone else on the ride was little kids, but that's alright! At least we had fun.
  Tips for going to theme parks: WEAR. SUNSCREEN. I did put sunscreen on, but not too much, so I was burned the next day. Hope you had fun reading this post! x

Much love, Ashley xx


  1. So jealous, I love universal studios. Great pictures lovely x
    Charlotte - http://www.alifeofacharlotte.com/

  2. How fun, great pics :)))


  3. so much fun!! love it there! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  4. This looks like so much fun! I've never been to universal, but my cousin lives there so maybe I'll need to make a special trip. Glad you shared your photos!


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