Barton G.

Earlier this month, my mom celebrated her birthday! She's now a half century, the big 5-0, so my sister surprised her by making a reservation in this unique restaurant in La Cienega called Barton G. Known for its unique food presentations, I knew I was in for a treat! The restaurant is only open for dinner which is a bummer, because I think seeing the interior in broad daylight would be amazing!

For the occasion, I decided to wear this blouse from Tobi that had frills on the back (sob as I didn't get to photograph that!), some leggings and my favorite scalloped flats. I was about to pair the top with my favorite ripped jeans from Zara, but that didn't work out in the end as my sister told me they didn't allow ripped jeans in the restaurant! So it was a pretty fancy occasion, and one that I'll not forget for a while. Everything from the food - to the service was phenomenal. A big A+ from moi!

I'm a big fan of potatoes, any type of potatoes; so instead of ordering any type of appetizer to start out our dinner, my sister and I opted to order the mighty G Fries Quartet (what a creative name!). It includes sweet potato fries, potato crisps, potato wedges and truffle fries. Doesn't that sound heavenly?! I devoured the hell out of the potato fries and crisps, they were that good. The presentation isn't too shabby either.

As for the cocktail above, it was my mother who ordered as I'm a) underaged and, b) my sister was driving. So the cocktail went all to the birthday gal! The one she ordered is one that's exclusive, you could say as it's not written on the menu. It's called the Cotton Candy Cocktail, sounds pretty scrumptious ey?!

Now, onto the main course!

How unique is the big fork aka the steak that my mom ordered?! It's called The Great American Steak, and let's just say, the presentation didn't disappoint. I didn't give it a try as I was too immersed with my chicken (as I always do), but my mom really liked it! And she's quite a picky eater just like me. So you know the food's good!

Despite devouring my potato tower, I was still feeling rather peckish. I was so happy when my order came - surprise surprise, I ordered chicken aka The Bird's Eye View. The decor of the chicken reminded me a lot of what my grandma would have in her house to put a plant in, it was pretty creative for them to think of that! The chicken was absolutely delicious, they also had mashed potato on the side and it tasted pretty good too; very different from any other mashed potato I've eaten, but it's good to try out something different every once in a while.

As for my sister, she ordered the Mouse Trap Mac n Cheese, I have no great picture of it, but it was just plain ol' m n c if you know what I mean. ;)

The star of the show was of course, the Marie Antoinette Head - Let Them Eat Cake cotton candy surrounded by petit cakes, fresh berries and whipped cream! This has got to be the most creative thing I've ever seen in food form in my whole entire life. I am quite fond of Marie Antoinette after a trip to Versailles a couple years ago, so eating her hair (obvs not real) was quite odd but satisfying too! Obviously the three of us couldn't finish the whole thing, so we brought it home and I managed to eat one packed of it in two days (lolz). It was delicious! And now, I'm craving me some cotton candy. *grrrr*

I will definitely go back to this restaurant in the near future! I'm not usually a big fan of fancy restaurants, as most of their food isn't as good as the ones I usually on a day to day basis, but Barton G. has got itself rooted inside my heart as it was that good! Might have to try out their other desserts, saw a few others that looked dang cool other than the Marie Antoinette one. I also wanna gush about the service, because I've never in a million years had that good of a service in a restaurant! The server who served us was so lovely and pleasant to talk to. So all in all, a big thumbs up for moi! Definitely give this restaurant a go for your birthday or any type of special occasion. 💞

Address: 861 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069, United States 

Much love, Ashley xx

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  1. Awesome post! That cotton candy looks so yummy.


  2. Happy belated bday to your mom. you look great!

  3. Happy belated birthday to your mum. :D
    Photos are lovely and the food looks great. :O <3

  4. Happy belated birthday to your mooom! This restaurant looks great o.o!

    Joyce | Joycentricity

    1. Thank you, Joyce! Ah, I know right, felt as if I stepped into Wonderland. :D

  5. Mmm candy floss love it. Lovely photos u look amazing as always! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.. :-) Have a lovely day! Visit me whenever you have time kisses Dominica! xXx

  6. This place looks SO cool, I love how different they've tried to make everything, the presentation is incredible. Mainly I'm just obsessing over those fries, ha!


    1. Exactly what I thought when I stepped into the restaurant! Hahaha, me too, I wish I was munching on their sweet potato fries right now. :P

  7. great post, great pics

  8. Yes it was! Filled with a whole lot of laughter too. x

  9. Yum, this made me so hungry!


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