Best of: March '16

Hello everybody. The end of March has arrived (currently freaking out) and April is slowly approaching (still freaking out). I always say this, but I've had ups and downs this past month. More ups than downs though, so that's good. Despite the hardship that I had to go through, I finally got around it and I'm so happy that I'm done feeling anxious over this particular problem. I can finally relax and go with the flow, you know?!

Easter was just a couple of days ago and although I was knackered for the whole weekend, I had a great laugh with my family and at the moment that's all that matters to me, really. This post is gonna be a tad bit long because I watched a lot of movies! I hope you enjoyed March, and cheers to April!


To Bangkok: 
If you follow my blog/Instagram then you probably know that I went on a mini getaway to Bangkok with my family at the beginning of the month. I won't get too much into it as I've written a few blogposts about my trip there! (Check them out here, here and here). 

To the Zoo!: Okay, so this was a roadtrip. And roadtrip is considered as traveling right? Again, I won't be getting much into it because I'll be writing about this in a blogpost soon, so, yeah! But let me just say that I have a deep love for animals.


I may be 17 years old, but I'm still a kid at heart. So whilst I was watching with my cousin and my mom, everyone else inside the theatre was either 10 years old or younger. Pretty embarrassing, but I really enjoyed the movie! I laughed out loud until the kid infront of me glared over her shoulder! Hahaha. Eh, so what, right. If you're into cartoons and a whole lot of Pandas rolling over the grass, this one's for you! I do have to say though that it'd be a better if the movie was released on CNY, not March. 

To be honest with you, I'm still on the fence whether I liked this movie or not. I really liked the special effects and of course Henry Cavill, but not the plot. And I especially loved Jessie Eisenberg's acting (he's amazing, standing ovation for him), but, the whole prospect of Batman and Superman being enemies didn't make much sense to me. Then again, I'm not an avid fan of both superheroes, so what do I know right? Let me tell you this though, Henry Cavill is a sight for sore eyes. Henry Cavill in glasses is my dream guy (no, seriously though!). One thing I didn't like about this movie was Ben Affleck. I have nothing against him, but I prefer Christmas Bale as Batman way more than Affleck. Sorry! Another thing that I loved about this movie was the score. It's amazing, and I'm currently listening to it as I write this blogpost. 

I cried (from laugher) so hard that my stomach was in pain! Katherine Heighl and Gerard Butler is super duper hilarious! I suggest you go on and watch this movie ASAP if you want to laugh a lot and well enjoy Gerard's smile. I watched this a few days after I watched London Has Fallen, and I surprisingly didn't enjoy that movie. The plot isn't realistic at all in my opinion, but I did enjoy the sight of London right before me. 

In a span of one week, I managed to watch this three times. Yes, three times, folks! When my cousin slept over, we had a gigantic movie marathon and this was one of them. I've watched it once late last year, but wasn't 100% into it as I was this month. Holy friggin' granola. Jason Statham is one hilarious man and Jude Law is a sight for sore eyes. I had my abs exercised whilst watching this because of how hard I was laughing. It was that funny! I love Melissa McCarthy, she is one hilarious woman! 

Love, Rosie
This is my second time watching it and I loved it just the same as I did when I first watched it. Lily Collins is simply gorgeous and Sam Claflin is just so admirable! The angst in this movie is real people, so don't be surprised when tissues are involved whilst watching this!

Becoming Jane
Holy friggin' macaroni. I'm in love with James McAvoy and to be able to see what he would have looked like in the 1700's is mindblowing. A sight for sore eyes. I love Anne Hathaway, so to be able to see her be Jane Austen was pretty amazing, her acting is marvelous. No, but seriously though, after watching this I wish I lived in the past rather than the century that we are currently living on. Again, this movie was rather angsty and almost brought me to tears. And to think that this really happened to Jane is just, wow, heartbreaking. Also bittersweet though.


Silhouettes by Colony House:
As I scrolled through Spotify, I came across this song and listened to it again and again for a couple of days. I would describe this as a song that you would to when you're in the shower!

Middle by DJ Snake (ft. Bipolar Sunshine):
Not something that I usually listen to, but again I came across this when I was on Spotify and the beat of the song is so good! Very chilled but still sexy at the same time, if ya know what I mean.

Arm's Length by Kacy Hill:
A very catchy song and I friggin' love her voice! Despite the song having a sad meaning behind it, you can't help but dance to it when it's playing.

All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran:
Classic Ed. I remembered the first time I listened to this song was at the break of dawn when I was insufferably having insomnia and the tears began to descend as I listened to the lyrics. That's how much Ed is a genius when it comes to writing his lyrics. I would consider him as the love of my life, not gonna lie. :P


With Easter happening around March and heading to Bangkok (they have great food everywhere), I simply overate this past March. To the point where I began to compare my flabby stomach to people on Instagram or social media in general who has abs and a killer body. So I've set myself a goal for the month of April to work out a couple of times a week and eat fruit every single day. I used to detest fruits, but I've gained a little love for apples and bananas, so that's good. I'm quite petite, so I don't want to be overly skinny that I'll just be made out of stick, all I want to do is tone up the arms, legs and stomach a little bit and I'm good to go!

Japanese BBQ (again): 
After a horrific week full of doom a few weeks ago, my parents took me out for lunch at a Japanese BBQ restaurant that tasted oh so heavenly, really wished I was there right now munching on some meat. The special thing about this restaurant was its view, if you'd like what to see what it was like see the post here. Also, I've just realized that I ate BBQ twice last month and once this month, crazy! Must cut down on meat, immediately. (NOT GONNA HAPPEN, lol).

Good ol' Chinese food:
A local Chinese restaurant that I frequent here in Jakarta is called the Duck King. Eversince I was small, I was obsessed with sweet and sour chicken. This past year though, I've cut them down and ordered this beef with youtiao (Chinese doughnut) on top. It taste heavenly, I am not lying. The crunchiness of the youtiao mixed with the beef is just wow, orgasmic. So yeah, I've cut down the chicken and went with the beef this time!

I've been to Bangkok eversince I was a child, and because Chester's just around the corner from the hotel that we usually stay at, it's been a tradition for my family to head there and well, eat.

Munching on ChoCho Bi:
Also known as Shinchan's snack. I saw this as I was roaming the supermarket in Bangkok. Grabbed three of the strawberry flavour and one of the chocolate one. Gutted that I only got three of the strawberry ones, cause I finished them by the time I headed back home! And I can't seem to find it anywhere here in Jakarta, which absolutely sucks!


My pooch trying hard to get the Easter egg. Lol, not gonna happen! 

Lunch at Fook Yew:
Very ironic that I ate at a restaurant that basically translates to the F word after going to church on Easter Sunday. At church, as we were seated down, my mom asked what I'd like to eat for lunch afterwards and as everyone else was clapping and singing to the hymn, I loudly said "FOOK YEW" right as the music turned down. Suffice to say, don't say anything that high resembles the F word when you're in church kids. Jokes aside, the food there was great and I was proud of myself that I actually ate a vegetable and I actually liked it. *pats self on the back*

Some cousin lovin':
I'm quite close to my family and that's a good thing. They're like a friend, except much closer because you share blood with them. Anyways, to be able to hangout with my two favourite cousins and having high-tea together was so much fun! We had a little "problem" going on whilst trying to finish the whole set, but eh, let's just forget about that, shall we?!

That's about it, really. A very eventful month, I must say. As this is the last day of March, I'm so proud of myself for removing half the content of my wardrobe just now. It felt so great to be able to give out clothing that I don't wear anymore. Now, I'll just be relaxing with my book and eat fruit (nah, I'm eating chicken tonight!), hehehe.

Hope you've had a lovely day! Here's to a blooming great weekend! x

Much love, Ashley xx

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  1. all that food tho <3

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one freaking out that March is over!

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

    1. Trust me, you're not! One hour away til April is approaching and I'm slowly dying because why is time flying so fast?! :(

  3. Girl I'm 21 and I'm still a kid at heart. I'll happily sit down and watch Disney channel for an hour or two haha! I've never tried Japanese Bbq or Korean Bbq, both things I want to try! Oh my gosh, your dog is so cute and fluffy! Is it hard to keep her fur like that?

    Sally - DiagonSally

    1. Hahahaha, then I think we'll both always be a kid at heart! Omg you have to try both BBQs, you will fall in love, seriously!!! Hahaha, thank you! Yes it is quite hard, because her hair is quite thick and sometimes it gets tangled and all messy, lol. :P

  4. Oh, I would love to watch Becoming Jane because 1. James McAvoy and 2. Baby Hiddles is there I think! Who wouldn't want some British Boy goodness? It's wonderful you spent some time with your cousins, I've got so many I lose count! But with my favourite cousin, we have so much fun. He's the big brother I never had haha <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. You have to!!! I seriously can't get enough of James McAvoy, such a charming guy he is! I love him and am currently fangirling to myself hahaha. AH, but Tom isn't in Becoming Jane, he's in another movie about Jane Austen though! I know right, Brit guys are the best! <3

      Yeah we had an awesome time together. :) hahaha, I have a lot of cousins too! Ones that I don't even know of, apparently. Ah that's so nice to hear! x

  5. Beautiful Captures=)

  6. Bangkok! I have always wanted to go there. Lovely pictures!

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles | GIVEAWAY | Instagram

    1. I think Bangkok's on everyone's bucket list, hehe! Thank you. xx

  7. Love, Rosie is my favourite movie and I've probably watched it 5 times! I can't wait to see Sam Claflin in 'Me Before You'

    1. Hahahaha, I think I would die from angst if I watched it that much! Omg yes, he's absolutely marvelous there! Can't wait to see it too.

  8. Becoming Jane is one of my favourite movies. I really like it.

    1. So heartbreakingly beautiful, right?! I cried at the end of the movie.

  9. Love, Rosie is such an awesome film! I will have to check out Becoming Jane, as it sounds super good.

    1. I know!!! Yes yes, you have to check it out, prepare some tissues beforehand!

  10. I'm glad that Love, Rosie is on your list - I absolutely loved that movie!! The Ugly Truth is also such a good movie! Mmm, pictures of the food look so good.

    Ree xx // Coffee with Ree

    1. Hahahaha, I had to put it up cause it's so amazing! Yess, Katherine Heighl is hilarious, isn'f she?! xx


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