London Calling

I'm still very much sad and depressed that I have left London. So for now, I'll comfort myself by imagining that I was in my hotel in London as I type this. Yup. Welcome to the first post of London trip! I have a feeling there's gonna be loads of them, you've been warned and I really hope you don't mind. This is my third trip to London and all I could say is that I fell in love with the city all over again. The people, the architectures, the vibe, oh they're all just amazing.

Stepping out of our airplane at Heathrow airport I was so darn happy (also slightly peckish, because um, who likes airplane food right?). Despite the long wait in immigration, I was happy and didn't mind it at all. Honestly, I've never felt so happy in my life as I did when I stepped out of the airport. It felt magical and I felt so tranquil inside. Arriving at our hotel in Piccadily, I was even more amazed by how amazing the architecture is inside and out. Yes, it was super duper crowded but again, I didn't mind it at all.

After freshening up from the 15-hour flight, we went out for lunch at Chinatown (surprise, surprise) and bought a few snacks along the way. After that, we went on a stroll around the city and found ourselves at Trafalgar Square. Spotting Ben along the way and a glimpse of the London Eye as well. Very cliché I know, but I will never get over the beauty that is Ben and every single monument that is erected in the city. Mark my words!

Our first day was a relaxing one and one that I will never forget. Reunited with my sister at night and it felt great. Also, why do bombers make me look as if I'm pregnant?!

Also, we got to experience all four seasons in one day! When we first stepped out, it was bloomin' hot, took my jacket off then it turned windy. And by the time we made it back to our hotel, it started raining. That's British summer for ya!

Much love, Ashley xx


  1. What lovely photos!! Thanks for sharing x

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  2. London looks amazing!! I'd love to travel there some day.


    1. It is! Yes, you must. I'm dying to go back already!! :D

  3. You've captured London in such a beautiful way! It's one of my favourite cities for sure.

    1. Aw thanks a lot, Gemma! It is mine too, too amazing not to be loved. x

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  5. Lovely post!

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  6. Nice post! London is definitely amazing :)

  7. Ah yes please keep the London posts coming!! Makes me miss it. Lovely photos!

    mallory |

  8. Hahaha I experience all the seasons on so many of my trips as well, makes me realize I always need to be prepared! So happy to hear your times in London keep getting better and better :) Hope you get to return again soon!


    1. I find it so baffling that the weather changes rapidly! Yes, so glad that I had tons of fun on this trip. Aw, thanks, I really hope so too! My favorite city in the world so far. x


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