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A Dryspell.

18/04/18 - Amsterdam, Netherlands hi. I haven't written in almost two years now. Blows my mind how time flies, but hey I'm back! Long story short, like took a toll on me. Certain adjustments were made and I didn't take it too well. This led to the abandonment of this blog. The two things that I truly loved - writing and photography became somewhat of a burden for me. I just didn't have it in me to post a halfhearted post that wasn't 100% you know? Anywho, the past year or so has been quite bumpy. But hey, that's what life is! Highs and lows and all that. I've traveled quite a lot these past two years and I feel so blessed. Hoping to write more about that soon! Not gonna ramble on for too long - will hopefully be back soon! ciao! ashley.

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